LamboPlace aims to deliver within the time agreed upon when you checkout. Under normal circumstances, you will be able to receive your purchase within 2~ 7 working days (WM) and 10~ 14 working days (EM).

However, we are unable to guarantee that all orders will be delivered within the stipulated time frame. Our aim is to have your items shipped out from our vendors as fast as possible except for some circumstances where unfortunately it is beyond our control, for example, courier service delays, emergency, or items out of stock.

Furthermore, kindly be informed that if your purchases are with 2x/multiple different sellers meaning will be having 2x/ multiple times parcels for delivery.

Please do not hesitate to create a new ticket here and we will be more than happy to help you from there, thanks.

IMPORTANT: We are slowly but surely returning to norm. As we are currently under the National Recovery Plan (NRP), most of the products are fall within the promised timeline delivery (refer from our standard delivery ). However, some of the products might be delayed due to a few factors such as out of stock, close down or other unforeseen reasons. Hence, you are advised to provide us product code (SKU) for us to verify the details with our vendor (seller) and reply as soon as possible.