We are sorry to hear you’re not happy with our product. While we are unable to offer a refund (please see our terms and conditions here), we will offer you store credit with the equivalent amount for you to spend on your next purchase with us. 

As we arrange that, we would love to understand your situation better and see if there’s any other way we can help.

Could you give us a little more detail about how you expected the product to be? It looks like <your best understanding of what they are trying to do, and where they got stuck; the product didn’t turn out as expected by customer>, is that right?

If you have a few moments to elaborate on that, we can discuss it with our team, and we can give you our best advice. 

Please follow the steps listed to help us receive the returned product.

  1. Create a new ticket.
  2. Choose "Return & Refund" from "Ticket Type"
  3. Fill in the required information and click "Submit".
  4. Our customer support representative will reply to you as soon as possible via email.

                                                                           - OR -

You also can request a Return/Refund thru LamboPlace webpage/app by referring to this FAQ:-