In accordance with our policy, any purchases made with a promo code can't be reused/reinstated after cancellation.

Below is an example:

An order was made with the promo code LAMBOKINI28, but due to a payment processing issue or error, the order was not completed. LamboPlace system will hold on to the order for a period of time until the payment is made. Once the time has passed, the order will automatically be canceled and the customer/buyer will need to make another order again.
IF an order was created with the promo code under the same account, the code has been redeemed. As stated in LamboPlace terms and conditions, each user is only eligible to use the promo code ONCE during the promotion period.

Side Note:

Customers/buyers are advised to re-try with a different promo code or re-purchase in the next same monthly promo code promotion.

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