Our orders are generally divided into 4 statuses:

To Pay / PendingYou have successfully check out but do not make the payment.
ProcessingOur fulfillment team is preparing your order
Ready To ShipThe parcel arrive at our courier, and ready to ship to your place. Typically, a tracking code with a selected shipping partner has been assigned and you will be able to track your order with the tracking code.
CompletedThe customer received the order.
CanceledOrder being canceled either due to customer cancel the order or due to other reasons, such as out of stock.

In order to browse all the orders, you can either view it from the website or app.

From the app:

Please view this short clip to understand how to view your orders.

From the website:

  1. Click on your name after you log in to the website, it can be located at the top right corner.
  2. It will bring you to your dashboard; click on "My Orders".
  3. You should see a list of all your orders. 
  4. All the orders are displayed with the status. 
  5. You can view order details by click on an order.

Please refer to the screenshots below for better understanding.

A typical order details with pending status, you can also make payment by click on "Pay Now" if you did not do so during checkout. 

A typical Processing page, which means order is being handled by our fulfillment team.

A typical Ready to Ship page, which means the order has send to a shipping facility and waiting to ship to your address.

A typical order completed page.

A typical order cancelation page.