Further understanding on our MOLPay Payment Gateway's flow.

1. Customer shops at LamboPlace.

2. Customer checkout their order/item and select Pay with MOLPay.

3. MOLPay redirect page to specific Payment channel selected by customer.

4. MOLPay authenticates payment with financial institution.

5. Financial institution revert payment status in real-time

6. MOLPay revert payment status to LamboPlace via ReturnURL, NotificationURL or CallbackURL, depends on integration type and transaction status.

7. LamboPlace update order status to customer.

8. Financial institution settles payment to MOLPay

9. MOLPay release settlement to LamboPlace (by default on weekly basis, every Thursday)

 - settlement divided by two, FPX (online banking channel) and others channel

 - minimum settlement amount MYR100.00