You can manage your addresses from either website or app. Although the processes are quite similar, there are some minor differences when you carry out this task from different platforms.

Manage your addresses from website

Visit our website at

After you logged in, you can click on your display name, located at the right side at the top of the page, just beside the "Logout" to bring you to the dashboard page.

You can directly manage your default shipping and billing address from the dashboard if you already added previously.

Alternatively, you can click on "Address Book" to manage all addresses.

User Dashboard

This is how the default address book looks like. You can add a new address, edit existing addresses and set default shipping and billing address.

Address Book

Below is the input form when you create or edit an address:Address Form

After you created your first address, your address book should look like the screenshot below. You can go ahead and add new addresses, edit addresses or set an address as default shipping or billing address.