Here are some possible reasons on why the payment is declined:-

1) Declined by Risk Scanning (Razer)

    - Your payment may be blocked as we have detected unusual activities from your account and/or your card. Alternatively, you may use your LamboPay eWallet to make payment. 

    - Oversea cards issued by certain banks aren't accepted

2) Please check If your card is expired, available balance/limit, out of date, or your card billing address is different from the billing address on your LamboPlace account.

If the above doesn't help, your Credit/ Debit Card Company or Bank will have more information.

3) Something went wrong on our side

    - If you are encountering issues during check-out, please try again on desktop browser or mobile app.

    - If the problem persists, you may perform the basic troubleshooting steps below:-

  • Log out & log in to your account
  • Restart your device
  • Clear cookie & cache ( desktop users)
  • Reinstall LamboPlace App ( mobile users)

Have queries? Drop us an email at ,we'd be happy to help.